Hoy Hypnotherapy West Bridgford, Nottingham

Do you want to make a POSITIVE CHANGE in your life?

If so, what's currently holding you back?
Is it your anxiety, feeling overwhelmed or like you just can't cope ?
Your weight, diet, or inability to control what you eat?
Do you lack confidence, or have low self esteem?
Or have a phobia or fear - maybe one you've had all your life?

Or are you looking for something?
Perhaps more motivation or freedom from procrastination?
Maybe help with life in Covid times?
Or have you lost your mojo, and just want to find more joy, energy and enthusiasm in your life?

Whatever you are wanting to deal with, it may be easier than you think...
to be free to be the person you want to be, and do the things you want to do. I use hypnotherapy and psychotherapy techniques, to help people access their own inner resources, to allow for change to occur. I have seen how powerful and effective it can be, both personally and with many people just like you. Find out for yourself about the positive difference it may be able to make to your life.

CONTACT ME TODAY, to find out more... initial consultation is free.

I AM CURRENTLY SEEING CLIENTS IN PERSON IN CLINIC OR ONLINE. Online sessions work equally well as in person, whilst allowing you to have the full therapy experience from the comfort of your own home.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy in West Bridgford, Nottingham

Hi, I'm Jude Hoy - welcome to my website.

I specialise in helping people to make positive changes, quickly and easily, at the unconscious level.

I am a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist based in West Bridgford, Nottingham. I have been qualified in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy for over 11 years and in Psychology for over 30 years. I am a Course Tutor at MindWorks Therapy Training in Nottingham and a trained Hypnotherapy Supervisor. I am also a Diet & Nutritional Adviser and a Coach, which I use to enhance my hypnotherapy work. This allows me to help with clients in mind and body, which means that that the focus is you, the whole you, and what you want to achieve.

I work locally, nationally and internationally with clients, so am experienced in online/phone video-call consultations, as well as face-to-face sessions - you are in safe hands.

The reason I offer a free initial consultation, is that it allows you to ask any questions you may have, find out more about hypnotherapy and how it may be able to help you, and to establish whether you would like to work with me. It also allows you to feel comfortable and committed prior to commencing with any sessions.

Generally, and where appropriate, I provide recordings of the hypnotherapy sessions for you. This enables you to reinforce the benefits of hypnotherapy, even in between our sessions.

"From my very first meeting with Jude, she put me at ease with her calm and professional approach, asking questions in a non-judgemental, professional way. I found the sessions very easy. Jude made sure I felt like I was truly important and gave me tools to allow me to put me first, which I hadn’t done in a long time.

The sessions were always very relaxing, mainly due to Jude’s very calming voice and the focus being on the changes I wanted to make. This approach enabled me to make subtle changes to my daily routines and started to make me feel better about myself, as I started to see the benefits. Jude also checked in on me, providing encouragement and recognition which was a great boost and kept me on track, which truly helped me.

I would truly recommend Jude a very professional and supportive therapist". DC, Leicestershire.

"Jude Hoy was recommended through a friend and she has conducted sessions for me over video calls - both hypnosis and EFT, which have been wonderfully helpful in allowing me to take control of worry and stress which has let me sleep better, and release old fears and blocked emotions.

Jude established a level of trust with such genuine kindness and understanding that made me feel safe and comfortable to open up. I have had no hesitation in recommending her to other people". TK, Hong Kong

Hypnotherapy is both natural and safe. Being in a session feels similar to daydreaming and is generally a very pleasant, enjoyable and relaxing experience. Clients often remark at how uplifted and positive they feel after our sessions.

Your mind is incredibly powerful, but sometimes willpower, wanting and wishing for change or control is just not enough. This is only the conscious part of your mind. To allow for real changes to occur, you often need to engage with the unconscious part of your mind. Clinical hypnotherapy can allow you to access this unconscious part, along with your own inner resources and creativity. This may help to bring about your desired changes in behaviour, thoughts, emotions or physiology - in a fast, effective and natural way.

Hypnotherapy may be the answer for you, because it is:

• Fast - generally only about 3-6 sessions are required (but it can take less or more)
• Safe - you will always be aware and in control of what is happening
• Effective - hypnotherapy is many times more powerful than willpower alone
• Positive - the focus is on making positive changes and moving forwards in your life
• Natural - everyone experiences hypnotic states throughout the day, e.g. daydreaming

This may be very helpful for issues such as weight control, anxiety, worry, stress, phobias, fears, habits, confidence, self esteem, motivation, procrastination, smoking, sleep, pain, CFS, IBS and many more.

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Why Choose Me as Your Hypnotherapist?

For each client I develop unique and personalised sessions, based on you as a person, your goals, issues, and preferences. These are revised as the sessions progress. This allows for the best possible outcome for you and the quickest and most long-lasting results. All sessions are confidential.

I use professionally recognised techniques from hypnotherapy, psychology and psychotherapy, guided imagery, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Positive Psychology, EFT Tapping, TFT (Thought Field Therapy), coaching, and psycho-education. As a Diet and Nutritional Adviser, I also offer nutrition advice, which allows me to take a complete body and mind approach, to help you further in achieving your desired outcome.

I use my skills and experience as a hypnotherapist, based in West Bridgford, Nottingham, to help people. I am located at the Embankment Primary Care centre (within Response Physiotherapy) and The Bay Therapy Centre and am also available on-line (Zoom or WhatApp video).

"I cannot recommend Jude highly enough. She is superb. Guiding and informative at just the right pace to enable the changes to happen. I loved the sessions and support. Thanks for making such a difference. - MW, Nottingham

Hypnotherapy and You

With hypnotherapy you are actively engaged in the process of change. This means that for hypnotherapy to be effective, you are in agreement with what is being suggested and you WANT to change. You could not be able to be made to do something that was not in-line with what is acceptable to you. You always remain in control and can come out of the state of hypnosis at any time.

Hypnotherapy is the practise of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. I practice Clinical hypnotherapy in a safe, calm, confidential, therapeutic environment. The treatment goals are always agreed with you in advance.

"I have had the most fantastic results from hypnotherapy with Jude. I have suffered from chronic tiredness that has held me back from doing many things for over 5 years. Even after a good night's sleep, I felt like there was a constant fog in my mind and I would be fighting the urge to go back to bed throughout most of the day.
After just one session the fog has cleared, I feel brighter and more energised and can get on and do the jobs I need to get done during the day with no problem. The most amazing thing is how the results have lasted, it is a month now and the fog has not returned." - KP, Nottingham

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How Can Hypnotherapy Help You?

Hypnotherapy may be of help in many areas, including:

• Weight Control and Management
• Anxiety, Overwhelm, Worrying and Stress
• Phobia and Fears - of injections/needles, spiders, public speaking, driving, flying, dogs, water etc.
• Lack of Self-confidence, Poor Self Esteem, Social Anxiety
• Lack of Motivation, Feeling Lost, Procrastination
• Habits and Addictions; over-eating, smoking, nail biting, over-use of technology
• Managing Pain, Illness, Chronic Fatigue (CFS/ME), IBS, Insomnia and Sleep issues
• Grief and Loss
• Childbirth
• Improved Sports or Business Performance
• Smoking cessation
• Relaxation

... and many more. CONTACT ME TODAY to discuss your specific requirements.

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Relaxation Therapy

Deep relaxation allows the body and mind to reach a state of emotional and physical calm. For many people, this is not achievable in their normal lives. However, it is vital to allow you to recharge, re-balance and rejuvenate. Relaxation Therapy is deeply and profoundly relaxing, both physically and mentally. This in turn has many benefits, which can include:

• Stress relief
• Increased Positivity
• Feeling able to cope better
• Reduction in chronic pain, tension headaches, migraines and back pain
• Increased Energy
• Aiding Sleep
• Strengthening the immune system

CONTACT ME TODAY to find out more.

Clinic Locations

HOY HYPNOTHERAPY in West Bridgford, Nottingham:

Hoy Hypnotherapy
Response Physio
Embankment Primary Care (Medical Centre),
50-60 Wilford Lane,
West Bridgford,
On-site extensive car parking available.

Hoy Hypnotherapy
The Bay Therapy Centre
19-21 Trent Boulevard
West Bridgford
Car parking available outside and on surrounding roads.

Hoy Hypnotherapy is also available throughout the UK and Internationally, online or on Zoom/WhatsApp video.

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Hoy Hypnotherapy NEWS

February 2021 - I was very pleased to be mentioned by Ray Freeman, Director and a Fellow of the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP). "This week the Governance document has been revamped and also thanks to the lovely Jude Hoy of Hoy Hypnotherapy (also Tutor at MindWorks Training) who highlighted around a dozen typos in the Code of Ethics & Conduct document."
This shows I adhere to the guidance of governing bodies, so that I have my client's best interests at the forefront of my work and follow best practice guidelines.

March 2021 - It's great to be back seeing clients in clinic, in-person, again regularly now. (Covid rules fully adhered to of course).

April 2021 - I've been seeing lots of people in person this month, with issues such as anxiety, pain, sleep, weight management, fears, phobias, motivation, confidence and more. Is there anything here that sounds familiar and that you may need help with?

June 2021 - Holiday time! It's been amazing to see the sea again and a horizon. Self care is so important. How do you make time for yourself? Hypnotherapy can help you with what is important in your life.

July 2021 - With anxiety so prevalent at the moment, it's great to be able to help people to cope with the way it affects them. From teaching self help techniques, using various therapies, as well as diet and nutrition advice - there's lots of ways Hoy Hypnotherapy can help.

August 2021 - Summertime. What does it mean to you? Sunshine and fun? Or maybe it's the time when fears and phobias, such as fear of insects, flying, injections, are at their peak. Hypnotherapy may be helpful in dealing with these. Contact me to find out more.

October 2021 - For many people, the onset of darker nights can exacerbate their issues. The lack of sunlight, reduced exercise and less time spent outdoors can worsen moods and increase feelings of anxiety. If you have these issues, then call for a free consultation.

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