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(PLEASE NOTE - all of these are freely given and are not edited or cherry picked. They are also included with client consent. This is in line with ASA guidance).


"I can't recommend Jude highly enough, I had been struggling with anxiety and attachment issues for several years before I came to her and she has completely transformed my outlook on life. She is so very easy to confide in, warm, friendly and insightful and (for me) used a combination of techniques to achieve a transformation. I have already recommended her to a friend suffering from anxiety who experienced a similarly positive result".

"Jude was absolutely incredible - from our first meeting to our last session, she was understanding, supportive, and encouraging. I saw an immediate difference in my stress levels, but she kept working not only to keep them low but to address the root causes. I honestly don’t think I could have done so well in my exams without her help, and I cannot recommend her enough!" NS

"Jude Hoy was recommended through a friend and she has conducted sessions for me over video calls which have been wonderfully helpful in allowing me to take control of worry and stress, which has let me sleep better and release old fears and blocked emotions. Jude established a level of trust with such genuine kindness and understanding that made me feel safe and comfortable to open up. I have had no hesitation in recommending her to other people".


"During my time with Jude, I went from a feeling of struggling through life with anxiety throughout my body, to stepping into each day with more confidence and control of my demeanor! After 7 weeks,I am happy and I live my life with more confidence and a feeling of control over my emotions. Jude was sensitive and understanding my experience was very positive and worthwhile".

"I was dreading making a speech at my daughter's wedding, I've always avoided these types of situations but with Jude's professional help and guidance I made a confident speech in front of 180 guests. I really enjoyed the sessions and would certainly recommend Jude". PR

Phobias and Fears

"I went to Jude to help with my needle fears after becoming pregnant on the recommendation of my mum and a friend.... best decision ever! Jude made me feel so comfortable at every session and I felt the benefits straight away. Since our sessions, I have had numerous vaccinations and blood tests without losing sleep for days before and even recently managed to do my own blood thinning injections at home when I needed to! This would honestly have been unheard of this time last year...I now feel excited for my birth as I know I can get through anything with the right techniques!" EB

I can't thank you enough Jude, this has truly changed my life."I had hypnotherapy sessions with Jude for my needle phobia before I had a blood test. The sessions were very relaxing despite having to talk about needles, and Jude asked if I would like them recording so I could listen again at home. Jude gave me lots of tips to help before and during the blood test which worked really well. My blood test went really well, I was very calm and didn’t experience my usual symptoms, including feeling faint. I would definitely recommend Jude!"

"When I first got in contact with Jude, I had a phobia of needles that was getting a lot worse and was having a big impact on my life. I was sceptical of hypnotherapy at first, as I didn't know what it involved and whether I even believed in it, but on speaking with Jude I felt comfortable and at ease about it. My experience of hypnotherapy was extremely positive! I can't thank Jude enough for helping me. I have since been for 3 blood tests on my own, which even the thought of going for one before would have been enough to send me into panic in the weeks before and leading up to it. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy with Jude. It has changed my life and I am very grateful for that".

"Cannot rate this highly enough. I've been unable to travel for a number of years and Jude has helped me beyond measure. I'm very much more relaxed and was able to actually enjoy flying. It's changed my life and I'm so thankful I tried it. Genuinely life changing".

Weight Management

"From my very first meeting with Jude, she put me at ease with her calm and professional approach, asking questions in a non-judgemental, professional way. I found the sessions very easy. Jude made sure I felt like I was truly important and gave me tools to allow me to put me first, which I hadn’t done in a long time.

The sessions were always very relaxing, mainly due to Jude’s very calming voice and the focus being on the changes I wanted to make. This approach enabled me to make subtle changes to my daily routines and started to make me feel better about myself, as I started to see the benefits. I would truly recommend Jude a very professional and supportive therapist".

"I have put on far too much weight and one of my problems is that I eat far too much chocolate, using it as a reward for every menial task that I do. I have had one hypnotherapy session with Jude and I haven't eaten chocolate since (TWO YEARS) nor do I feel the urge to do so, there has been no struggle with my conscience - I barely give it a thought. I have passed when the 'celebrations' box has been passed around without any concern, something I could never do previously".


"I have had the most fantastic results from hypnotherapy with Jude. I have suffered from chronic tiredness that has held me back from doing many things for over 5 years. Even after a good night's sleep, I felt like there was a constant fog in my mind and I would be fighting the urge to go back to bed throughout most of the day.

After just one session the fog has cleared, I feel brighter and more energised and can get on and do the jobs I need to get done during the day with no problem. The most amazing thing is how the results have lasted, it is over a month now and the fog has not returned".


"Jude is incredibly talented. I have never felt so at ease and trusted her every moment of the journey. She has truly inspired me and we worked on numerous areas like sleep, decision making and self worth. I looked forward to every session and cannot recommend her enough. Thank you for everything". MD


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