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How can Relaxation Therapy Help Me?

It is not possible to be stressed and relaxed at the same time - it's as simple as that!

When you are stressed, the sympathetic nervous system is activated (the so-called "fight or flight" response) and the opposing parasympathetic system takes over when you are relaxed. Relaxation Therapy turns on the parasympathetic nervous system, which rapidly reduces levels of stress.

Being able to "let go" in a safe and supportive environment brings a sense of calmness which lasts way beyond the session itself. This has a positive effect on mind and body.

What is Relaxation Therapy?

Whilst you are sat comfortably in a relaxing and nurturing environment, I use guided imagery and positive psychology techniques and suggestions to help you become deeply and profoundly relaxed. This then helps you to feel re-balanced, recharged and rejuvenated. How good would that be?

"After my session with Jude I felt completely refreshed and uplifted. A lovely way to take time out and simply be." - LB, Nottinghamshire

Relaxation Therapy Costs

Relaxation Therapy One hour of Relaxation Therapy £55

Please note - Relaxation Therapy does not aim to help with any issue, it is for Relaxation purposes only. If you are looking for help with specific issues, then Hypnotherapy should be used.


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Cancellation Policy

24 hours’ notice required for full refund or rebooking. Cancellations on the day will be charged in full.

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